1. EN 224: Linear Elasticity from Brown University

  2. CE573: Structural Dynamics from Purdue University

  3. Continuum Mechanics from MIT OpenCourseware

  4. System Identification by Prof. H. Gavin

  5. Structural Dynamics by Prof. H. Gavin

  6. Linear Algebra by Prof. Gilbert Strang (MIT Open Courseware)

  7. Compact review of linear algebra by 3Blue1Brown on YouTube

  8. Introduction to Probability and Statistics from MIT Open Courseware

  9. Digital Signal Processing from EPFL through Coursera

  10. Course notes on Signal Processing (French) by Prof. Patrick Flandrin

  11. Introduction to Machine Learning by Prof. Andrew Ng

  12. Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning - book by Christopher Bishop

  13. A brief introduction to Machine Learning for Engineers by Osvaldo Simeone.

  14. 100 lectures on Machine Learning from the University of British Columbia

  15. Advanced Machine Learning from Carnegie Mellon University.

  16. Bayesian Filtering and Smoothing by Prof. Simo Särkkä

  17. Acoustics and Vibration Animations by Dr. Daniel A. Russell

  18. Design of concrete structures by Prof. J.N. Bandopadhyay, NPTEL

  19. Dynamics of Structures by Prof. Anil Chopra

  20. Structural Health Monitoring - A Machine Learning perspective by Profs. C. Farrar and K. Worden

  21. Vibration with Control by Prof. Daniel Inman

  22. Engineering Vibration by Prof. Daniel Inman

  23. Mechanical Vibrations by SS Rao

  24. A course on Applied Time-Series Analysis from IIT Madras.

  25. Time-frequency analysis by Prof. Patrick Flandrin